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"OOPS! It happens..." But You're covered by MSI Accidental Damage Protection

We understand sometimes you can’t prevent drops and spills at work or at home or sudden surges, but MSI can help recover from mishaps  with MSI’s Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) fully covered within the first year once you registered your product.

Whether your devices are used on a plane, at the office or on the road, accidents are inevitable. Rest assure you can easily get your laptop repaired or replaced.


If your laptop is damaged, simply contact us directly or by submitting service request on this portal. After we identify the cause and extent of damage, we provide the repair services needed to get your equipment back in working order. 



What’s covered:

  • Liquid spilled 

  • Drops, falls, and other collisions

  • Electrical surge 

  • Damaged or broken LCD due to a drop or fall

What’s not covered:

  • Cosmetic damages (scratches, dents, etc.)

  • Lost, stolen, incorrect or inadequate custom installations

  • Intentional damage

  • Recovery or transfer data

  • Natural disaster or fire

ADC is a one year warranty which covers limited accidental damage one (1) year from the date of purchase

Limited one (1) accidental claim per notebook.

This limited warranty applies only to selected MSI branded laptops*, and all accessories that are built in or onto the base unit.  This includes parts or accessories that are required for regular operation of the unit and shipped with the unit at the point of sale.  The following items (inclusive but not limited to) are covered under this warranty.  CPU, HDD, MEMORY, MOTHERBOARD, MXM GPU (if any), KEYBOARD, TOUCHPAD, AUDIO DEVICES, OPTICAL DRIVES, LCD, Wireless Module, Bluetooth Module (if any), built-in buttons, built-in webcam, AC/DC POWER CORD.

Accidental Damage Coverage only applies to MSI branded laptops* which was purchased in the United States.  This warranty policy DOES NOT apply to MSI Netbook (WIND), barebone, whitebox, or OEM products.

MSI will either repair the original parts with new or reconditioned parts, or replace the notebook with one which is defined by MSI technician as a fully functional equivalent model.

Customer pays one-way shipping; MSI will cover the cost of shipping the laptop back to the customer.

Accidental Damage Coverage only applies to the original owner and is not transferable.

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