MSI Registered Pro-Partners can purchase selected PCs at up to 25% off on Demo.

​How can I submit my request for dealer demo discount?

Submit your request here or through your Preferred distributor. Allow up to 48 hours to receive authorization confirmation. Discount will be applied toward your purchase from MSI authorized distributors upon approval.

MSI Partner may only use demo units for testing, trade show events or marketing, P.O.C., and product qualifications only. Resale is strictly prohibited. MSI may offer to provide you demo request directly with one of our representatives. A valid credit card is required for authorization.


​Qualifying Products -
MSI Current published products

As an authorized MSI PRO-Partner, you are entitled each calendar quarter to receive instant rebate discount for purchasing MSI products for demo purposes. Please register now if you are not already a PRO-partner to get approval. You are limited a maximum of 4 units this calendar quarter. Additional units must have pre-authorization.


​Please complete your Demo request below