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Submission Form for Qualified Volume Discount

Am I eligible to receive additional discount on an opportunity for selling MSI products ?


You may if the opportunity you are trying to present to your client for any MSI product is at a minimum of 10 units or greater than $20,000 USD.

Your opportunity may be eligible if the client belongs to an Educational institution, Government Branch at any level, or within the Public Sector of less than the number of units or value less than the minimum requirement.

What is the process to complete and how to I receive confirmation for my request?

You may submit your request on the form below. MSI channel management team will review upon interception of your request. An authorization will be sent to your preferred distributor to apply the granted discount amount or rate based on the product, number of units, and customer profile Your distributor representative will contact you via email or phone with the updated quote for your opportunity. Please Allow up to 48 hours to receive authorization confirmation. Discount will be applied toward your purchase from your preferred MSI authorized distributors upon approval. 


How long is my discount valid for?


Up to 30 days

ith one of our representatives. A valid credit card is required for authorization.


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