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Esports Program

Selling products to schools and companies building Esport Programs? MSI provides you the necessary resources and enable you tools to help them be successful at launching a new or expanding their program no matter large or small.

Please submit your contact information and we'll have a senior adviser who can provide you additional support and work with you to build a successful business partnerships.

Common questions which we can work together on:


I already have clients who currently have e-sport program today but need further assistance or guide on:

  • Manufacturer Sponsorship

  • Advise on the right hardware

  • special volume discounts

  • events and esport activities related

  • equipment rental

I have clients who do not have esport program in place but seeking help and additional information to launch one:

  • What facilities additions will be necessary if esport is established

  • What ancillary and support resources (including academics) would be needed

  • How much faculty, staff, student, alumni, and community support exists for adding esports

  • How much does it cost to build and operate 

  • Are there consulting firm or companies who can help us set up an esport program or arena

Please submit your contact information below and our senior adviser will contact you shortly to help:

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